How to take a screenshot or screen record on your Chromebook

I managed to successfully avoid such a situation since final release therefore I can’t confirm the problem is still present, i.e. apps aren’t uninstalled when a user account is deleted. When you store your photos, videos, documents on an external hard drive, you can free up space on your computer for all your apps. Note that there are also playlists available and full videos that include all aspects of the applications. Some apps can be easily uninstalled through the normal way using the windows control panel . Simply right click on the app and then uninstall them. On touch sensitive screens you need to long press on the app icon and the same menu will appear, where you need to tap uninstall.

Enter the following commands in the command prompt one by one and hit Enter on your keyboard to execute each one of them. Now look for a process in the list for the concerned app. In our case, we are looking to uninstall ‘AsusOptimization’, hence we will look for a PowerToys process. There could be a few reasons why you are unable to uninstall apps on your system. Here are a few workarounds that should help you uninstall persistent apps from your system easily. PowerShell will now generate and show a list of all the apps installed on your system including built-in OEM apps and Windows app.

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Moreover, taking a screenshot with ActivePresenter is as easy as any other screen capture software you can find on the market. Actually, ActivePresenter provides you a lot of functions to capture as many screenshots as you want. Let’s dive deep into each of them in the next parts of this article. After you have taken your snip you will see it appear full size in the snipping tool editor. The toolbar also contains save, copy, and mail icons as well. While several professional commercial tools are also available, you could start with PicPick, as there is also a free version for home users.

  • It’s easy, just select the Capture Video menu in the Menu option.
  • Now place the cursor when you want to take download the screenshot and press ctrl + PrtSc, now you can move the mouse and select the portion you want to take a screenshot.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow will rotate your screen right.
  • First, you need to install DriveDroid or DriveDroid Paid on your device.

Browse other questions tagged windows-10 screenshot or ask your own question. I have manually gone through all the folders, and most of the folders under Pictures I made myself. And I can’t find any screenshot folder/any of my screenshots. Snagit now lets you turn screenshots into videos with narration and annotation. Then, click and drag the crosshairs to select part or all of your screen. These methods work with different versions of macOS–10.10 , or higher.

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Just select the app you want to get rid of and click “Uninstall”. You can use the search on top of the list to easily find the targeted app. We hope this guide helped you uninstall the concerned apps or programs from your system.

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In this guide, you will learn the steps to uninstall apps on Windows 10. On Windows 10, the ability to uninstall apps is an essential feature that allows you to remove apps that are no longer needed. It can also help you to get rid of bloatware, free up space, and troubleshoot problems. After you no longer need or use apps on Windows, it’s a good idea to get rid of them from time to time.

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